Cultivate Peace Within.

Calm your mind. Center your energy. 

Connect with your inner wisdom.


There are so many messages coming at you, emails, texts, phone calls...

It has become normal to feel anxious like your head is spinning...

Your to-do list has become more important than yourself.

You crave connection and to find your truth among the noise.

You are not crazy, you are just living in a crazy world!

All you need is a bit of time & space to process it all.

Come Home to Yourself, Uncover Your True Nature.


Hi I'm Liz and I am here to help you on your journey....

I have a diverse background in the Healing Arts that I integrate to help you learn to care for your mind, body, & spirit in a way that feels good to you.  I wear many hats in my professional roles of being a Mental Health Therapist, a Yoga Instructor, a Certified Master Empowerment coach, a LifeForce Yoga Instructor, and a Personal Trainer.

I blend all of these modalities into a unique method of Energy Healing & Well-Being Mentoring.  Through my own illness & struggles in life I have learned the most important thing is for you to have hope, trust, & to develop a deeply loving and caring relationship with yourself.

You can heal & I am here to help.